VAT Quick fixes: EU Commission publishes Explanatory Notes

VAT Quick fixes Explanatory Notes


Today, the EU Commission’s VAT expert group has released the final version of the Explanatory Notes on the VAT Quick fixes.


Explanatory Notes on the VAT Quick fixes

The VAT Quick Fixes will come into effect as of 01.01.2020. They concern the following areas:

  • VAT Identification number and EC Sales list as mandatory legal requirement for the zero VAT rate to intra-EU supplies
  • Harmonised rules for the evidence of intra-EU supplies
  • Simplification rule for call-off stocks; and
  • Chain transactions

Please find more background information in our article VAT Quick fixes: Guidance by EU Commission. 

Not yet effective, the EU VAT Quick fixes already raise complex issues for businesses when it comes to the details. The EU Commission’s VAT expert group therefore decided to give some guidance. On 26, September 2019, it has published a first draft for Explanatory Notes. The draft has been discussed and slightly updated in further meetings of the expert group . Today, the EU Commission has published the final version of these Notes.

To download the Explanatory Notes on the Quick fixes please click HERE (link to pdf-document).


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