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VAT Quick fixes: Guidelines for Italy

VAT Quick fixes Italy

The implementation of the VAT Quick Fixes keeps businesses still busy. Now, the Italian Tax Authorities published a new circular letter on May 12, 2020 and a ruling in this matter on April 23, 2020. Both documents give some insight views, particularly on the requirements for the VAT exemption of EU supplies. You can find […]

VAT handling of down-payments

VAT Down payments

  The correct handling of down-payments is a typical “VAT trap”. This article summarizes the most relevant VAT rules for these constellations. What is a down-payment?  A VAT relevant transaction generally requires the supply of a service or good of an entrepreneur for a consideration in return. In case of a down-payment, the recipient arranges […]

VAT Compliance is Customer Service

VAT Compliance

  VAT Compliance does not only save your company’s money. It also saves the money of your business customers.   Non-adherence to VAT rules – what can happen to your customer? Incorrect invoices, a wrong rebate handling, a missed mandatory VAT registration in another EU country… These are just three typical examples of a non-adherence […]

Tax CMS? VAT E-Learnings!

  Tax CMS? VAT E-Learnings! The implementation of a Tax Compliance Management-System („Tax CMS“) or a Tax Control Framework (TCF) becomes increasingly vital for companies. This all more applies to companies with an international business. Thereby, VAT E-Learnings play an important role to ensure the efficiency of a Tax CMS.   Tax CMS – what […]

Brexit & VAT: Questions and Answers

Brexit Umsatzsteuern

Brexit & VAT: Questions and Answers The potential VAT impacts of a Brexit keeps businesses busy. Due to increasing number of our VAT E-Learning participants we have now prepared the following brief overview on the most relevant VAT aspects to be considered after the Brexit. What is this “Brexit & VAT” – Q&A about? The […]

Lisa and Knut are in the press ( – and so are we)

  LIP is in the press! We are mentioned in the current edition of the “IHK magazine” of the  Chambers of Commerce Düsseldorf. The article describes our passion for legal and tax topics and the background of the foundation of our company. Special reference is made to Lisa and Knut, the protagonists of our VAT […]