Our E-Learnings – Frequently Asked Questions

You need further general information about our E-Learnings? Please find below the answers to frequently asked questions: 


What exactly are E-Learnings by Law in Practice?

First, Law in Practice uses the terms „Online Course“ and „E-Learning“ synonymously, so both terms mean the same. Our E-Leardings are Video Courses for Self-Learning. Additionally, the E-Learnings come with a  training material in pdf-form. You can directly download this material once you start with the course. Access to the course is granted for one year and automatically expires. You can immediately start with your course after grant of access and determine the training tempo by yourself.

How to a purchase an E-Learning and get access?

Law in Practice runs an own E-Learning Management System (LMS) where you will find the videos and related quizzes of your E-Learning and (if applicable) a final test to get your certificate.

To attend your online course…

  1. … you first need to open a customer account with Law in Practice and purchase the product/online course. You will receive an email to confirm the registration of your customer account. Please click the registration link to confirm.
  2. After receipt of payment, you will get a confirmation email that your online course is now available for you.
  3. To access your course, log into your customer account (with your email address and password) and visit “My Account”.
  4. Click the Section “My Courses” and join your online course.
  5. For some courses you may get a certificate. Please check the product description if the specific online course includes a certificate option and what are the requirements to get the certificate. If you fulfill the requirements to get the certificate (for example answering the provided quiz questions or pass a final test), you can download your certificate under “My Account”, Section “Certificates”.

For the sake of safety, we recommending checking that no emails have been qualified as Spam. 

What are the technical prerequisites to attend an E-Learning?

You need a PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone with internet access, a sound card and loudspeakers. An appropriate system software is Microsoft Windows (7/8/10), Linux, Apple Mac OS X, iOS or Android. As Browser you can use for example Chrome, Safari or Firefox. You may also use latest version of the Internet Explorer (version 11). You find a demo video in the product description of each E-Learning which technically complies with the E-Learning videos. Thus, you may use the demo video to test whether you can watch the E-Learning videos on your your device. To read the provided pdf-training material you need a pdf-reading software and a software to “de-zip” the file  (e.g. Acrobat Reader and WinZip). If you wish to print-out the training material and your certificate (if applicable to an E-Learning), you need a printer which is connected with your device.

Can I attend an E-Learning via my mobile or tablet?

Yes. Our E-Learnings are in general designed to be used via mobile devices. 

How long does an E-Learning take?

The product description of each E-Learning shows the total length of the videos, the number of quizzes and the number of questions of the final test (if applicable). Depending on this, it regularly takes between a day and a week to complete an E-Learning. However, as you determine the training tempo by yourself, you may also allow for a longer or shorter duration. However, we recommend completing the single lessons in one step and not to interrupt the training for a longer period. As you have one year access to the online course, you may of course also watch the training videos again and refresh your know how.

If I interrupt my E-Learning for a while - will I have to re-start from the beginning?

No. You current learning progress is saved in our system for the duration of your access period. Thus, you can return to this status once you continue with the E-Learning.

Will I be informed about changes in the law and will my E-Learning be automatically updated?

No. You have just purchased the E-Learning based on the know how and legal rules valid at the point in time of the purchase (also stated in the product description and reflected by the article number/SKU). An information about changes in law or judgments of courts is not included in the contract. The same applies to any updates of an E-Learning. Each updated E-Learning is a separate new product. If you which to access this, you need to purchase this product. However, if you wish to receive information about an update of your E-Learning please e-mail us to update[at]lawinpractice.eu. In case of a purchase of the update, we of course grant a discount. The amount of the discount depends on the scope of changes of the E-Learning.

What if I have questions regarding single E-Learning topics?

Our E-Learnings do not include an individual training. However, if you have questions we will try to answer them. Please e-mail your question and the name of the related online course to elearning_questions[at]lawinpractice.eu. Please note that we do not offer individual legal advice. 

Does Law in Practice check and/or control my learning progress?

No. The E-Learnings are no Distance Learning Programs per definition and do not include an individual supervision of the learning success, respective instructions or guidance or individual learning controls. 

How can I test and check my learning progress and success?

Every E-Learning provides a self-control, either in form of quizzes or a final test. Please check the product description of the respective E-Learning for more information.

Do your E-Learnings include a final test?

Yes, some E-Learnings do. For example, in case of our VAT E-Learnings you can choose between online courses with a final test (to get a certificate) or courses without a test (and certificate). Please read the product description of the respective E-Learning for more information.

Do I get a certificate about the participation in an Online Course?

Yes, for the participation in some of our E-Learnings you will get a certificate. Please read the product description of the respective E-Learning for more information.


Does Law in Practice offers discounts?

We offer group discounts to companies . For further information, please e-mail us to info[at]lawinpractice.eu oder use our contact form.

My company has an own E-Learning Management System. Can we also use Law in Practice E-Learnings in our system?

Yes, that is basically possible. Just contact us to discuss the details.

My company likes the style of your E-Learnings but they do not 100% meet our business needs. Do you also offer more tailored and individual E-Learnings?

Yes, we do. Please e-mail us to info[at]lawinpractice.eu oder use our contact form and give us more information to discuss the details.

I am interested in an E-Learning on a certain area of Law but cannot find an E-Learning in your shop - what can I do?

We are currently preparing further E-Learnings. If you are interested in a certain topic, please e-mail us to info[at]lawinpractice.eu oder use our contact form.