Our Mission and our passion

“Law in Practice” – Tax and Law – Understandable – specially designed for Non-Professionals. To make your job easier while ensuring the legal and tax compliance of your company.


Our Passion…

…  is to make legal and tax topics comprehensible to everyone. Due to our practical experiences as inhouse lawyers we know the legal and tax related question in the daily job live, for example in the supply chain and logistic area, sales, sourcing or accounting. We offer the required basic know how – with entertaining and high quality E-Learnings and practical Guidelines in E-Book formats. To make your job easier and at the same time to ensure the legal and tax compliance of your company. 

Our company

Law in Practice was founded by Dr. Nina Kuntschik, Lawyer (since 2005)  and Certified Tax consultant (seit 2009). From 2005 to 2011, Mrs. Kuntschik worked as a lawyer. In 2012, she joined the tax team of a multinational group. Since 2017, she works as Divisional Head of Tax. Part of her responsibility was the organisation of the internal international VAT Network. In addition, she gives regular VAT trainings to Sales, Sourcing and Accounting.

“A lot of occupations require a basic knowledge in certain areas of Law and Tax. This was the inspiration for the foundation of “Law in Practice” – to offer high quality trainings to easily acquire this know how. We started with basic E-Learnings on Value Added Taxes (VAT). This kind of Tax is of high relevance for companies and VAT relevant processes are often handled by “Non-VAT experts” – which can bear certain risks. A basic understanding of VAT and a respective awareness significantly reduces this risk. VAT trainings for Non-Professionals are therefore vital for a sufficient Tax Compliance Management System (“Tax CMS”). Meanwhile, we extended our offer to a basic E-Learning on the German Law and an E-Book on the Foundation of a German GmbH. Law – easy explained, simple to understand and to apply.”



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